From large topographic surveys for infrastructural projects to topographic surveys for one-off housing, at Techsol we have the technology and expertise to deliver the most cost-effective solution.

Topographic Surveys involve the collection of level and feature data for an area of land in advance of detailed design. These might include:

  • Contoured Land Surveys
  • River Channel Surveys
  • Road Corridor Surveys
  • Urban Site & Context Surveys
  • Sightline surveys

Typical applications for these surveys are the Design of Infrastructure and Design of Buildings.

Design of Infrastructure

Civil Engineering consultancies use:

  • Land surveys for proposed road corridors to facilitate cut/fill analysis
  • River channel cross sections to design flood alleviation works
  • Topo. surveys of existing roads to facilitate design of upgrades and realignments

Design of Buildings

Architectural practices use:

  • Contoured land surveys for new builds
  • Urban site surveys for infill development
  • Surveys of existing school/hospital campuses for building extensions
  • Surveys of road & roadside boundaries to demonstrate sightlines for vehicular egress

Topographic Survey for Proposed Development at The Maltings, Bray

Topographic Survey for Proposed Development at The Maltings, Bray

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