From settlement checks to a multi-instrument automated monitoring system, at Techsol we liaise with the contractor and the relevant authority to arrive at a cost-effective monitoring solution that serves all the stakeholders.

Where thrust-boring, pipe jacking or directional drilling is used for utility crossings, it’s often required that rails/roads/buildings are monitored for settlement or movement before, during and after any construction activity takes place within the zone of influence.

  • Movement/settlement tolerances?
  • Reporting Interval?
  • Manual or Automated?

Manual Monitoring

Reflective retro targets are usually used to identify monitoring points and the surveyor takes every observation manually.

  • Usually just one instrument
  • Retro targets may be used
  • Surveyor required on site
  • Reports filled manually

Automated Monitoring

Automated monitoring is usually more cost effective where continuous or 24-hour monitoring is required.

  • May require multiple instruments
  • Prisms required for all monitoring points
  • Observations fully automated
  • Reports generated automatically