It can be difficult to find a Setting Out Engineer for your project, and agency staff are often inexperienced in the Irish construction industry.

At Techsol we’re often brought in at the start of a project to install site control and reference design data to a suitable project grid.
Our staff can ensure that the design fits the site and we can highlight potential pinch points and suggest solutions.
There’s peace of mind to knowing that the site control is solid and that everything will fit as intended.

Once the control is in, our staff can provide a setting out service on a daily or weekly basis. If you have a junior Engineer on site we’ll happily
provide guidance with a view to them becoming self-sufficient.

Things to consider in relation to setting out your project:

Setting Out by Techsol

  • All survey kit & consumables provided
  • Staff experienced in Irish Construction Industry
  • Management expertise in Geomatics
  • Staff have working knowledge of all our kit
  • Our work and people are fully insured to industry standard levels
  • Cost effective – productive from day 1
  • Flexible – decide what days you need us each week
  • Drawing Office back up for modelling, prep of set out files, volume calculations etc.

Setting Out by Agency Staff

  • Contractor needs to hire survey kit
  • Agencies may place inexperienced staff on site
  • No relevant management expertise
  • Agency staff often not familiar with your kit
  • Contractor bears the risk for mistakes
  • Agency staff usually need a bedding in period
  • Placements usually in weeks rather than days
  • Agency staff unlikely to have licensed AutoCAD or modelling software