Techsol is a specialist and professional provider of laser scanning services in Ireland.

If you need a high quality road survey, detailed building floor plans and elevations, or a full building REVIT model get in touch and we can explain the benefits of using laser scanning to collect data for high quality deliverables.

What we do!

We deliver tailored measurement survey solutions for the property, heritage, infrastructure, and construction industries.

The reliability, speed, flexibility, and accuracy of 3D laser scanning surveys make them a crucial component for engineers, architects, developers, and heritage specialists.

We deliver a cost-effective and fast solution for the collection of large amounts of data on a building or object in any desired environment.

What is Laser Scanning?

Laser Scanning is a highly advanced, non-contact, and non-destructive digital technology used to capture the 3D geometry of buildings, objects sites, and infrastructure. Laser scanning can record thousands of data points per second as the laser is moved over the part regardless of its geometry.

Laser scanning is a versatile technology suitable for capturing precise 3D data of an object’s geometry in a wide range of applications. During the scanning procedure, a laser scanner projects a sequence of laser beams, which bounce off various surfaces within the structure. The scanner meticulously measures the duration it takes for these laser beams to rebound, enabling it to compute the distance to every location within the building. This operation is performed numerous times, with varying positions and angles, until a comprehensive 3D representation of the structure is generated.

The 3D model boasts precision and can generate precise floor plans, elevations, and cross-sectional views of the building.

What We Can Do For You

Techsol is one of the leading providers of laser scanning services in Ireland and has worked with many different and diverse projects. Our team uses only the latest and modern scanning technology and we work cost-effectively and efficiently to deliver the highest quality standards for every project.

We are passionate about laser scanning so please get in touch if you have any enquiries. Our experienced team will provide a consultation to suit your needs.